Lottery Hongkong – The Snowball Draw

Lottery Hongkong

The Snowball Draw is an event that takes place on top of the regular Match Six drawing. The draw occurs on a special occasion, such as a public holiday, and it is worth mentioning that the jackpots are usually around 100 million Hong Kong dollars. The money from the Snowball draws goes to the jackpot pool for the next draw. It is a highly popular lottery game that aims to raise money for local charities and public institutions.

If you are planning to participate in the lottery in Hong Kong, make sure to check the rules and winning numbers of the various games. Each lottery has a different prize structure and you should purchase your ticket from the official website or an authorized agent. Once you have chosen your tickets, it is best to check them carefully and try to buy multiple tickets. You can also check the winning combination of Lottery Hongkong on the websites.

There are also different formats of the lottery in Hong Kong. The Mark Six game is a 6/49 matrix, and you can choose up to six numbers from a pool of 49. If you pick all six numbers correctly, you win the jackpot! The jackpot for the first division is worth HK$220 million, but you can win more if you match all six numbers. For prize levels two, four, and six, you must match five or more of the numbers in order to win.